Physically fit body and mind can face all circumstances of life but to enjoy optimal health we must follow a healthy diet chart. In simple words the relationship between health and food is proportional; the type of food we consume determines the energy level and immune system. Hereditary history has its own importance but in the end, what is consumed determines the condition of the health. It is always said that a vegetarian diet or nutritional food should be part of a diet chart but a limited proportion of nonvegetarian food such as chicken and fish should be consumed. These diets are rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, and calcium.

In an ancient era when mankind was unaware of vegetation and agriculture system, it was totally dependent on raw meat. Undeniably raw meat is a source of tremendous energy but it can result in the origination of serious diseases. After the invention or discovery of fire, human beings started consuming roasted meat that not only increased the taste of the food but also destroyed the germs and detrimental elements. Thus raw food including fruits and vegetables or organic food is also very a vital source of energy. Today with the advancement of science such alternative diets have been developed that can cater energy requirement of the body. The stronger our body and mind, the better are its capabilities. Unquestionably there is no match between natural food and factory-produced product that have artificial ingredients.

The need for the present time is to remain aware and conscious of nutritious food for a healthy life. Knowledge is power and people who are in an informed states take judicious decisions. A properly balanced diet chart is usually followed by health-conscious people. They keep distant from such foods that enhance the cholesterol level. This is an invitation to serious disease obesity. Although plumpness is generally associated with overconsumption of food, this is not true in all respects.  Health hazards have to be seriously monitored. Today to increase agricultural production and for the protection of crops pesticides and insecticides are used on a massive scale. Consumption of such crops is obviously very harmful to the body.

‘Today many companies have introduced health supplements that claim to cater to all needs of the human body in proper proportion but they are not equivalent to products of nature i.e. crops. The metabolic efficiency of the body is dependent on food intake of the body that means the body is capable to engage in physical and mental labor. This general condition of mind and body that is called health has a direct link with power level. Our lifestyle is dependent upon the income, those who earn more and enjoy better status certainly they enjoy better health condition. Malnutrition is a serious challenge that has to be addressed. This brings serious misbalance and challenge for the body. Lifestyle and social status also determine the state of health.