To all CBD-Networkers – what good is a high CBD-Content if the body can’t absorb it?


Hello CBD Network Marketers, the best CBD product is not to have a high percentage or concentration of CBD, but that the body should absorb the amounts.                   


Cili-ByDesign has found the solution to this problem through its patented Aquaceutical Nano Technology. In addition, all products in the CILI-ByDesign line are THC-Free!                 


So don’t be afraid anymore…                        


– you can get high and get in trouble at a police checkpoint             

– you will become addicted         

– that it may eventually be illegal to use CBD                   

– you might dose it wrong                


Because CILI is different:                

– Forget everything you thought you knew about CBD.              

– Forget about THC content, CBD content, and intake recommendations.                      


And the very best part for you:                           

– you can make a lot of money with it and build a daily passive income.                           


A Chinese proverb says:               

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best is NOW!                     


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