Have you previously been to a spa in Trichy?

As vice president of spa and wellness, my friend is responsible for the development and execution of the company’s spa strategy, including defining and implementing spa standards globally across the leading hotel spa and brands. She has 25 years of experience in the field of spa, wellness, and leisure.

She started her career in Trichy as a banker and studied with the Institute of Bankers. She went to St. Joseph’s College, Trichy and studied Recreation Management and environmental conservation. At that time, these were her two new subjects and areas of interest, she went to university and no one knew quite what to do with them. She was fortunate to have exciting ski and soccer work during her holiday period which led to work in the ski industry and organizing summer camps throughout India.

She saw an advertisement at a spa in Trichy portal to become the manager for the recreation club at a hotel that was building a pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, steam, squash, and gym. This was a revolutionary period for her and she was fortunate to get a job.

The hotel was next to Tiruchirappalli International Airport and they had many aircrews staying over with nothing to do. She converted her office into a Rene Guinot Spa and it worked very well. It was her first taste of the spa industry.

The company she worked for in Delhi gave her a chance to transfer to the prestigious AI Bustan Palace in Trichy as Recreation Manager. She then spent 5 years in Mumbai and become involved in operating scuba diving clubs, six recreation clubs, organizing international races, squash leagues, and hosting many tournaments.

She also had a chance to work with a company as a business development manager and enabled her to build the new leisure facilities in Trichy. This led to some private work with a wealthy individual and then on creating a ladies facility in Trichy. She conceived a ladies spa, operated by ladies and spent three years designing and project managing. The club attracted 600 members the first weekend. This gave her idea to open her own spa and with great of a spa in Trichy portal, she has achieved her goal.

A super-luxury spa and health facility in the luxury mixed led to help create the six senses spa brand which was a great experience of her life. She was involved in business development, setting up the spa operations, and creating over 33 spas in just three years gave her the global name for luxury, sustainable, wellness destinations.

As stated above, the wellness industry had evolved her from fitness to spa in Trichy. From her experience, I have learned that it is important to be aware of what is happening and to be open and flexible to change. This is not easy as no one could predict exactly when things are going to change. The most important resources are learning to network and identifying the key influencers in the industry. The second resource requirement is to use the organizations to introduce yourself to the industry.

She has been fortunate to have worked with some great companies and spa in Trichy but perhaps the most enjoyment she gets it from meeting ex-employees that have gone with successful careers.