How did you start your Spa in Kolkata?

My friend Sherrie has 15 years of experience in the spa and wellness industry. She had played various roles such as massage therapist, nail technician, spa owner, speaker, professor, educator, and author. In addition to receiving multiple awards throughout her career, her writings have been published in some highly respected industry outlets, and she has been asked to speak to several public forums.

She has completed a Ph.D. and holds a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in marketing and entrepreneurship. Currently, she is Education Manager at The Thai Spa in Quest Mall. She has found this job through spa in Kolkata portal and continue to learn about the industry. She has started in the Spa and Wellness industry in 2000 as a massage student and attended the program after the encouragement of her co-workers and boyfriend. She has always loved the connection achieved through touch, at the time was she was working in the Cancer Research department.

It was an intense job, she attended the program with the intention of working part-time and thirteen years later, it has became her full-time career and passion. Though she has changed careers, research continues to be the foundation upon which she has built her livelihood. She speak several times a month and her presentation always validates the industry growth and earning potential. And I feel it is truly important for those who runs wellness industry and spa in Kolkata.

The professional achievement she has had most proud of is her role as a Group Education Manager. It had been her goal to start a school and she had begun teaching since 2002. As the education manager, she developed the curriculum for all the training which include Customer Service, Retail Knowledge, and Anatomy and Physiology. She launched the Massage Therapist training program, a 12-month program for individuals who wished to become therapist and wanted to open spa in Kolkata. In June 2016, twenty students graduated and are now successful therapist in the industry. This program was culmination of her thirteen years in the industry and has completely changed the lives of all the graduates.

She was teaching assistance when she began on the path of educator. Her kind and loving words gave me the much-needed confidence to share my insights and knowledge. She allowed me to take care over her classes at the massage school as well as local universities. Her exposure change the course of her life and career. I am grateful for her guidance and how she carry her dreams of sharing the transformational power of touch with those in the industry.

The best part of working in the spa and wellness industry is therapist are considered change agents for guests, giving a new look on life. As an industry educator, she get to be a change agent for the therapist as well as leaders in the industry. She love speaking at various trade shows or training sessions. She get to share her passion as well as industry insight with attendees. These individuals can then take the information back to the spa or their treatment rooms and have a different awareness about the industry, their roles, and consumer.

Thus, spa in Kolkata will help you achieve your dreams!!