Relaxing massage at the Royal Oak Spa Gorai Borivali West  is a wide range of manual therapy options, combined with a high level of service and endless skills of our girls. Order it to experience the many benefits and restore energy balance.

Our girls know different massage techniques. Knowing perfectly the human anatomy and following medical recommendations, they will help you achieve maximum relaxation. The touches of the masseuses and the atmosphere of coziness and comfort will allow you to turn off your head and completely surrender to the pleasant process.

A relaxing massage at the Royal Oak Spa is 60 minutes spent in a comfortable position, in the company of a beautiful girl and an excellent “specialist in bodily pleasures”. Offers

Rubbing and stroking, pulling the skin, kneading and pinching, performed with different intensity and sequence, will result in a harmonious action, leading to bliss. Feeling your body and anticipating its desires, the masseuse step by step will immerse you in an atmosphere of endless relaxation. By the end of the session, you can not only clear your head of obsessive thoughts, get rid of stress, improve your mood and gain strength for new achievements.