Neung Thai Spa Vadodara, we take pride in our exceptional client service.Signature massage Nuru Massage even Happy Ending massage, each client, maleor female is treated as a Neung Thai Spa , Ultimate treatment, healing withspiritual energy Oasis of peace.We also have a range of Massage packages, these are utterly blissful relaxationpackages, combining and including different massages all done at the same time,this gives an amazing sensation, and each massage having more benefits andbetter relaxation and better results.All Massages have a free offer at the end of the massage called the Free Plus**Locations can be at the Salon Spa or a home visit to you.CLASSIC SPA Healthy massage, and head massage, Deep relaxation including deepshoulder massage.ROYAL 4 HANDS Two therapists x 2 Therapist work together and pamper you toheaven and back. Special massage creating intense feelings of sublime relaxation.Two therapists massage at same time.