The Portuguese Golden Visa allows people to apply for permanent residency and citizenship after 5 years through investing in real estate, without having to reside in the country at any point. It’s such an attractive option due to its relaxed regulations, as the applicant and their family only have to visit for two weeks every year to renew the Visa.This means that you can be granted citizenship without actually living in the country, which is different to many other countries worldwide. Once you have a second passport through being a citizen of Portugal, you can live, work and study anywhere in the EU, also making it an attractive proposition.**What are the benefits?**Those enrolled in the scheme will benefit from the following: – No visa required to enter Portugal – Visa exemption for travelling through Europe (within Schengen Area) – You can live and work in Portugal – Dependent family members can also obtain permanent Portuguese residency and /or citizenship – Low minimum stay periods (7 or more days in first year and 14 or more days in subsequent years) – After 5 years you will have the possibility of obtaining permanent residency or citizenship and a Portuguese passport**Requirements**In order to obtain Portugal’s Golden Visa, there are some requirements that must be met to ensure a successful application. Some of these include: – No previous convictions on a criminal record. – Be at least 18 years old. – A non-EU or non-Swiss citizen. – Invest a minimum of €350,000 – rehabilitation project. – Invest a minimum of €500,000 – in real estate. The new rules mean the locations where you can invest has changed.For more details, visit: Watch this: