I have a great job but I have child obligations that are forcing me to try and find someone to slip seat the truck with me.                         

I’m looking to drive 2 weeks then have someone take over and drive 2 weeks.                    

I’ve been with this company for a few months and I cannot get over the amount of money I’m making.                

I average $4200 a week as a company driver. I have hit $5970 and during the holidays $3200.                 

I get paid on Friday instantly for all work performed in the last week….no hold back time.                 

I get paid immediately for any reimbursable charges.                      

It’s a skilled job and the boss man isn’t afraid to pay for that skill.                

Work 2 weeks and make $8000-$10000.                   


I haven’t had to touch the freight so far. Easy docks, quick load and unload.                  

All 48 states but your preference are highly important.                 

Pretty much an owner-operator without all the extra stuff.                

Nice FL Concordia. Well maintained. On-board weighs system, auto-fill trailer air system. Detroit Series 60. Company phone               

Seriously, I’m averaging over $1.00 per mile as a company 1099 employee.                     

Great opportunity to not be stuck in the truck for too long and still make money….spend time with family and friends while getting enough sleep!                    

If interested please contact me.              

You’d speak with me first and if you’re qualified I’ll send you to the boss man.                

He also has a full-time position open but I’m hoping to have someone split.             

Contact now:             

Laura Miceli