Girsan MC28 SA-T Carry Optics 9mm Full-Size Two-Tone Pistol with Red Dot is the first reasonably priced complete Dot Carry Optics pistol package. Its available at primerfirearmsdeals at affordable prices. The MC28 SA-T is a striker fire 9mm full-size pistol, that comes with low profile 3 dot sight system, integral trigger safety, 3 interchangeable grip inserts, under-barrel accessory rail and installed Dot Carry Optics.Moreover this model specifically is built off of the Government Full sized frame which makes an excellent choice for concealed carry and everyday carry especially as it is paired with the .45 ACP cartridge. The trigger comes in around 3.5 to 4lbs of trigger pull which is nice for a concealed carry model. You will notice that this model features an extended beavertail and an accessory rail that will allow you to mount lights, lasers and all kinds of other rail mounted accessories.

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