My name is Tutor Tito, I am a teacher of Spanish, English and German for private students and companies. To achieve your goals, I offer classes for specific purposes. I can help you prepare for official exams, such as those of Instituto Cervantes, Goethe Institut and Cambridge University. Communication with you will be easy, as in addition to Spanish and Galician ( my regional language ), I can speak English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Chinese. I record my classes, so you can watch them whenever you want. These are adapted to your needs, incorporating audio-visual materials ( films, music, reports ) that I have compiled to offer a cultural approach to my pedagogy of teaching grammar and vocabulary. They will also respond to your interests, including topics such as: ●    Language and society ●    History ●    Culture ●    Gastronomy ●    Literature I specialise in improving my students’ communication skills by exposing them to authentic language and topics of interest to them. In addition, I have different class types suited to your needs and interests: ●    General Spanish and German ●    Language through comprehensible input ( with no use of your native language ) ●    Specific needs ( science, technology and business ) ●    Official exam preparation ●    Oral skills and pronunciation ●    Writing Skills ●    Reading Comprehension ●    General Grammar ●    Verbs and vocabulary ●    Cultural adjustment ●    Learn Spanish through history, culture and literature Find direct access to my services, social media, website and platforms here: ¡Nos vemos! Wir sehen uns! Contact ( +34 ) 697813127 E-mail: aj**************@gm***.com Contact Person Name: Tutor Tito Website URL: