For those who want to know more about the future, who are fascinated by the Unknown and the Unexplainable around us. 

This set includes a deck of Gypsy Tarot cards + a book with instructions with a detailed explanation of every card.

The book is great for both beginners and those who have a similar experience with other types of cards (Tarot, Lenorman, ordinary deck of cards, etc.). The book is 68 pages and offers a detailed description of each card, different ways of divination and a deck of 36 colour cards.

When you are reading with cards, it is always important to have more opportunities to practice. Predict the future of friends, relatives, neighbours, colleagues. Always rely on your intuition and do not adjust the interpretations according to your wishes or opinions.

Sometimes Cards Reading can be more than a hobby …

This set contains a book, a folder for the book and the cards, an embroidered bag for the cards + 36 coloured cards, as well as a special gift, from the place where I currently live and work.

The delivery through Bulgarian Post between 7 – 10 days, depending on your location. Payment is possible only with PayPal. For more information and to order, send an email to 

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