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Welcome to my haven of calm and serenity that entitles my guests to leave behind the stresses of everyday life and relax body, mind and soul!”

A body to body massage – soft music, low lighting, a feeling of tranquillity, its bliss. But what most people don’t know is that while you might be in a state of total relaxation, your

body is going into full activation mode during a massage. A massage stimulates your nervous system. Wakes up your muscles, organs, and glands; moves blood and lymph fluid, and gets multitudes of cells to produce and release chemicals and hormones.

Relaxing Massage

The relaxing messaging technique is perfect for people, who want to relax and restore natural energy levels. Besides, this also works as a good option when you don’t prefer being touched on your entire body.  Best Relaxing Massage In Pune Hadapsar.

Finally your massage therapist will use the hot towels as an extension of their hands to massage your muscles. The towels will warm your body and loosen your muscles to allow for a release of tension and stress without adding extra pressure.