I created this workshop because I noticed that lots of people are struggling and overcompensating because they feel that they don’t fit in or have any worth, self esteem, self belief and this is making them unhappy.

Our society only puts worth on the rich and famous or people who all fit in to a certain standard of beauty but the brightest light does not fit in it stands out and your worth is not about how you look or how much money you have it is about loving yourself no matter what.

This course includes 4 live telephone coaching sessions with a series of exercises and practices tailored to your needs and your personal goals. It also includes 4 Check in sessions – where i check how you are feeling and doing with the exercises. It also includes 4 Reiki sessions , one per week and guidance daily as needed

At the end of 30 days you are going to feel a lot more love for yourself, your energy much more vibrant , you will feel a whole lot more confident about yourself and ready to pursue your dreams in any area of your life!


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions

Website: http://www.denisenicklin.com/workshop/

or contact me by email denisenicklin@gmail.com